We believe there is a better way to for music to work for everybody by focusing on our art and helping others amplify the joy it brings to their lives. Because of this perspective shift we have changed our priorities:

Good Music over Genre Definitions
Fan Interaction over Market Research
Peace and Harmony over License Debates
Encouraging Others over Financial Gain
Personal Life over Extensive Touring

We do not mean to negate the importance of any facet of the music business but we must declare that the value of humanity is of far superior importance for the success of our industry and the survival of artistry everywhere.

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    We Are Starving Artists

    We are artists. We are producers. We are podcasters. We are musicians.

    We believe the future of the music industry is based on the altruism of fans rather than the greed of corporate overlords who oppress good music for decades. - #retweet
    We believe artists should be supported by financial gratitude in response to the lives they change rather than dirty loans from labels who do nothing for musicians or their music. - #retweet
    We believe that musicians should always own their own copyrights without being told what to do by labels, performance rights organizations or online streaming services. - #retweet
    We believe every musician should have control over their destiny whether they want to tour continuously or stay home with their teenagers it should be financially viable and culturally acceptable within the music industry. - #retweet
    We believe that good people must stand up for the rights of musicians against the tyranny of music law and the evil slant towards corporate greed. - #retweet
    We believe that independent musicians are the only ones who can bring the music industry back from this dark place at the brink of utter decimation. - #retweet
    We believe that when musicians stand up to own the responsibility of filling the world with hope that is when there will be another golden age of music again very soon. - #retweet

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